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It aims to create a bigger impact by raising awareness about ocean conservation and sustainability. Through this journey (or likened to a pilgrimage for some), Deli2Sea seeks to foster a sense of responsibility and love for the oceans, encouraging participants to become ocean warriors and take action to protect marine life and habitats.


At its core, Deli2Sea began with just 20 individuals raising funds for a female running academy (Endurocad) during the end of lockdown of 2020. But its impact quickly expanded when we witnessed Professor Peter Ryan's collection of 450 coffee cup lids on Dalebrook Beach in 2019.


This prompted conversations with businesses, like Chardonnay Deli, and sea-loving customers about making better decisions for our environment. From its humble beginnings as a fundraiser for female athletes, Deli2Sea has grown into a movement with a bigger heart – one that beats for our planet. 

Walk, run, or wiggle, the 17km journey from Chardonnay Deli in Constantia to Dalebrook Beach is a testament to our commitment.


Deli2Sea Impact:Since its inception, Deli2Sea has achieved remarkable milestones in promoting coastal conservation and community engagement:

  • 2020:20 runners raised R20,000 for Endurocad

  • 2021: 330 participants raised R25,000 for The Beach Co-Op

  • Save our Seas Foundation provided each participant with hemp tote bags and reusable coffee cups

  • Care Collective Shark mural  

  • 2022: 660 participants raised R30,000 for the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation included a 3-month in and out-water cleanup campaign and yoga

  • 2023: 950 participants raised R50 000 for The Fisherchild Projekt and Laureus Sport for Good. Michaylah Petersen training in the UNCEF Sport and Environmental Climate Change. Ongoing cleanups of Dalebrook Beach and Boyes Drive by Chardonnay Deli. 

Deli2Sea seeks to inspire a connection with nature, reminding participants that we are all part of the Earth's ecosystem and that preserving our oceans is crucial for the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants. 


It is more than just a physical journey; an awakening, where participants discover their power to make a difference and become ambassadors for ocean conservation.


R25 of each ticket sale goes to each beneficiary

Laureus Sport For Good Foundation

The Fisher Child Project

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